Best Careers for the Post-Pandemic World: Which Route to Choose?

The coronavirus pandemic changed the world in many ways, some of them quite bad. One of the worst consequences is a global economic recession, which is one of the worst in history. Unsurprisingly, in these circumstances, unemployment rates have risen to an all-time high.

To survive and succeed in this new world you will need to adapt. This might involve furthering your education or changing a career path completely. If you are at a point when you need to make such decisions, you should understand which careers and skills will be the most valuable after the pandemic.

Data Analytics

Data analysts have been in high demand for years now and it has only grown with the pandemic. With most of the businesses moving online at least in some way, they are completely dependent on data. Therefore, today you are sure to find a job as a good data analyst. However, you can also have a good chance of employment in other areas connected to the field. For example, a developer of analytics and data processing solutions, a business analyst, etc. all have great opportunities.

If this field interest you, look for any way you can integrate yourself in the process of gathering, analyzing, and implementing data in the decision-making process. For those who are just choosing their career path, there are plenty of business analytics programs both off and online.


If you are interested in the digital, becoming a cybersecurity expert or working on developing these solutions are great professional choices. With the increased digitalization of everything the threat of cybercrimes has grown exponentially. Businesses and individuals have been losing millions to hackers and frauds every year. Now, the results of a huge data breach can be catastrophic.

The digitalization will not stop regardless of the pandemic’s end. Therefore, the relevance and demand for top-quality security professionals will keep growing fast. Right now you have a great opportunity to build a fantastic career in this field.

Social Work

Social workers might not get huge salaries but there is a different type of reward for these experts. If your biggest desire is to help people, and medicine is out of reach, becoming any kind of social worker is a good choice now. The number of people who are struggling has increased tremendously. Therefore, social workers are essential now to help manage the situation. The demand for these professions will continue to increase as the recession deepens.

That said, remember that social work can be extremely challenging and downright dangerous during a pandemic. You need to step on this career path with both eyes open and ready to take risks. This is a calling more than a career.

AI and Internet of Things Specialists

Technology will definitely rule our future and already the developments of AI and IoT reached incredible levels. Most importantly, these technologies have migrated from sci-fi novels to everyday life. The demand for them will continue to grow as these solutions become more widespread. Therefore, it should be easy to find a job in businesses dedicated to building and selling these products.

Note that it’s not only developers who can find work with AI and IoT industries. There is also space for designers, managers, data analysts, as well as marketing and sales experts. Perhaps, you won’t need to change your career completely to enter this industry. Instead, you’ll need to find a way to apply your skills to promoting these technologies.

Language Teaching

Language teachers might find a lot of jobs coming in as globalization increases. Worldwide cooperation is a necessity now, so learning multiple languages has become an essential skill. But experts in this niche need to act fast.

There is no shortage of language teachers already. Therefore, what you need is to make sure your own skills conform to the changed demands. Simply put, make your teaching digital in every way. You need to find ways to combine technology and learning to provide a unique and efficient solution for students.

On that note, app developers and other experts from the tech field can explore the opportunities presented by the demand for online learning. No one can argue that the current solutions are less than efficient. Therefore, creating something better might be your breakthrough.

Bottom Line

The world has changed with the pandemic, but it mostly pushed the already existing trends further. Today if you want to succeed, you need to be involved in the technological growth of our civilization. Keep this in mind when choosing a career in 2021.

7 thoughts on “Best Careers for the Post-Pandemic World: Which Route to Choose?”

  1. Avatar

    Thanks for the useful info! This does seem like the right time to change one’s profession.

  2. Avatar
    Sylvia Peterson

    Thank you for the interesting article, Lauren. It’s quite interesting to see that experts think language teaching will be a good career choice. But what languages do you think will be most popular?

    1. Lauren Bowman
      Lauren Bowman

      That’s an interesting question, Sylvia. Personally, I would bet that English will remain the main language of business but Chinese and Japanese are no less important now. I would suggest taking a look at the leading economies and exporters if you are choosing languages to specialize in.

  3. Avatar
    Jeffrey Kings

    Do you think with so many people interested in becoming data analysts this job will remain in high demand?

    1. Laura Bowman
      Laura Bowman

      I believe that it will take years for the number of professionals in this niche to meet the demand.

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