How to Fund Your Start-up Business

You may have dreamed up a great business idea that will make you rich, but have you thought about how you are going to pay the start-up costs yet?  Starting a business can be an expensive investment with the costs of supplies, business premises, and transportation costs.  Read this guide to give you some finance ideas on how to fund your start-up business.


If you have money in the bank, you might decide to fund your start-up costs yourself.  This can be a great idea if you have the money, as it means that you do not have to get anyone else involved in your business idea and can be self-reliant.  However, if your business fails, it could mean that you lose your savings, so think carefully before you invest your entire life savings into your new venture.

Friends and Family

If you have a close support network, it makes sense to ask your friends and family to invest in your business plan.  You will probably find that the rates are favorable, although you should closely check who has lent you money and your outstanding debt.  The downside to this is that many relationships don’t stand up to the strain of money lending, especially if you cannot pay the money back as quickly as others would like.

Professional Investment

Looking for a professional investor to lend you money could be the best option if you want to borrow a large sum.  Plan carefully before you meet with a professional, as they will expect you to be prepared.  Be prepared to offer a detailed business plan that factors all costs such as overheads and insurances.

They will expect you to have business insurance in place, as this will protect their investment if a disgruntled client wants to take you to court or you have caused any damage or loss of property.  These meetings can be daunting, so make sure you are well prepared in advance.


A bank loan can be a good option.  A personal loan may restrict how much money you can borrow, but if you don’t need a considerable fund, this is a low-cost way of funding your start-up. There are a few different types of business loans available through the bank. An unsecured loan will charge you a higher interest rate than a secured loan will but that is because a secured loan is set up against your house, meaning that your home is at risk if you do not keep up the repayments.  Although the monthly payments might be higher, an unsecured loan means that you are taking less of a risk to yourself, so think carefully before choosing what type of loan you want.

If you have a fantastic business proposition, then use these finance options to get your start-up business up and running, and you may find that you are soon on your way to earning your first million.

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